We help to build conscious companies.

Inspire forward-thinking teams.
Discover better solutions. Faster.
And create a positive impact in the world.

We help companies generate powerful ideas that positively impact people, business and the world around them.

Founded by Maryanne O’Brien

Maryanne’s desire to support forward-thinking businesses led her to create Conscious Company. She believes that inspiring ideas can make a meaningful difference–in business, people and the world around us.

She has a depth of experience in strategically building brands, inspiring creative insights and transforming cultures. And she is committed to helping companies evolve and live their values as a means of value creation.

Brand Experience

Maryanne started her career at Fallon, where she spent more than a decade working on big brands and leading internal training programs. She spent the next 15+ years consulting with ad agencies and companies to build businesses and create cultures designed for sustainable growth.

Live Dynamite

Maryanne created Live Dynamite to help people and business consciously grow. She developed a series of tools and practices, grounded in scientific principles, that make it possible for people and cultures to change for good.

Experience how your company can make a positive difference.